Managing Horses and Riders

Once your account has been created you will be taken to the Manage Horses screen.

Global Entries Online allows you to manage multiple Horses and multiple Riders from the one account. So if you are a family who likes to compete in Equestrian Events only one of you needs to register an account and the rest of the family can be included as Riders.

From the Horse Management screen you can enter the necessary details about your Horses and other Riders attached to your account.


The first step is to Register your Horses. 


Proceed down the screen to the Register a New Horse section.


Complete the following REQUIRED details:

  1. Enter the Horse’s Name
  2. Select if the Horse is a Stallion or not

Proceed further down the screen.

You must now enter the Horse Owner’s Details and relevant Performance Details. 

Select Create when finished.


The Horse will now appear in the Manage Horses panel, as shown below:


The panel shows the following information for each Horse:

  • Horse’s Name
  • Equestrian Australia (EA) Number
  • Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI) Number


Selecting Edit will allow you to edit the Horse’s details

Selecting Delete will remove the Horse from the Manage Horses Panel


This information can be accessed later by selecting Manage  Riders from the tab of the Competitor’s menu, as shown below:


The next step is to create your Riders. 


 To do this you must complete the following fields:

  1. Enter the Rider’s First Name
  2. Enter the Rider’s Last Name
  3. Enter the Rider’s EA Number

Select Create


The Rider will now appear in the Rider’s Panel. You can Edit or Deleted them at any time.

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