Creating your User Account

The first step in using Global Entries Online is to create your User Account.

To do this, on the Home screen under Competitors, click on Register as a Competitor.  


This will take you to the Sign up screen. This is where you enter your Account Information.



Enter your details as follows:

  1. Create a Login Name that you will use to access Global Entries Online
  2. Create a Password
  3. Enter your First Name & Last Name
  4. Enter your Date of Birth
  5. Enter your Phone Number & Mobile Number
  6. Enter your Email Address
  7. Enter your Address
  8. Enter your Equestrian Australian Number
  9. Select if you would like to receive Newsletters from Global Entries Online

Proceed further down the screen.

You must now accept the Terms and Conditions of using Global Entries Online and then select Join.

These details can be changed in the future by selecting Account Details form the Competitor’s menu, as shown below:




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