Finding an Event

The first step to entering an Event is locating it.

Events can be found either through the calendar by hovering over the date and selecting the Event that appear:


or by looking up the relevant Club and selecting Event Details:


Doing either one of these will take you to the Event’s Details page, as seen below:


The Event Tab on the Event Details page lists all of the important information about the Event including:


  • The dates and times that the Event will be running
  • Entries Opening & Closing dates
  • The Location / Address where the Event will take place
  • A brief description of the Event


Moving further down that page brings us to the Class information.


This lists all of the Classes at the Event by date and Arena and a link to download all of the Class Details.


It provides the following information for each Class:

  • Entry Fee
  • Height range of the jumps (Show Jumping only)
  • Maximum number of people / Rounds
  • Any applicable Grade information or Prize Money offered (Show Jumping only)


Clicking on the Important Information Tab displays any pertinent information or downloads that the Organiser of the Event has included, see below: 

Finally, selecting the Club Tab gives you contact information for that club, as seen below:


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