How to Pay Prize Money to Competitors Account

We have recently introduced a feature for paying prize money to competitors through Global Entries Online.


If you are planning to pay prize money through Global Entries Online for your event, please make sure you have taken the following steps

  1. You keep enough money in the withheld balance. Please contact us before your event opens to change the withheld percentage.
  2. Send an email to competitors and ask them to add their bank details to their competitors profile. Link to article on How to Add Bank Detail for Prize Money
  3. You can only pay the prize money to the competitor's who have added their bank details on their Global Entries Online profile.
  4. Prize Money can only be transferred once the entries are closed.
  5. We use Westpac Banking System for transferring money into competitors account and they charge $0.50 for each transaction, which will be deducted from your withheld balance.

Once the entries are closed you can go to the Prize Money page by clicking on the Manage button.


Click on the Prize Money link from the left sidebar.


From the Prize Money page, you can simply click on the Create Prize Money Payments button and do the payments by selecting competitors name and filling up other details.

From this same page, you can also see the status of the payments once you have processed at least one payment.


To pay the prize money please click on Create Prize Money Payments button and a form should appear for the transaction details.

In one payment file, you can do multiple transactions and payout to different competitors. One transaction is $0.50 so if you have to pay multiple prize money to the same user, we suggest you do it in one transaction to avoid multiple charges. 


  1. Competitor’s Name:- Type in the name of the competitor you wish to pay the prize money. Competitors name will only show up in the drop-down if he/she has registered in the show and has verified their bank detail through their Global Entries Online profile.
  2. Amount: - Type in the amount you wish to pay as Prize Money in AUD.
  3. Description: - Short Description of the payment. This Description will be emailed to the competitors.
  4. Remove Payment:- To remove the payment click on this button.
  5. Add Payment:- Click on Add Transaction to add more payments.
  6. Create Payment File:- Once you have filled up all the details, click on Create Payment File to process the payment.

Once all the details are validated, we will process the request on the following Monday.

To see the status of each transaction go back to the Prize Money page and if you have processed at least one payment, you will see it on the page.


  • To view the detailed status of each transaction, click on the Browse button.  
  • To download the invoice of each transaction, click on the Invoice button.  
  • To download the invoice for all transactions, click on the Combined Invoice button.  

Once payment has been initiated, the status will show as processed. Processed does not mean a successful payment to all competitors.

In case the transaction has not been cleared please contact Global Entries Online and we can reimburse you for the rejected transaction.

If you have any more questions or need any help please feel free to email us on or call us.



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