How to Add bank details for receiving Prize Money

We have recently introduced a feature for event organizer where they can deposit money directly into competitors account from admin panel.

For competitors to receive money, have to add their bank details first.

Instead of asking competitors to simply type in their BSB and Account Number we have partnered up with Split Payment (Open Banking Platform) which will verify your bank account details with your banks.

To add your bank details first log in to your profile from our website go to "Prize Money" and you will see an option to click for adding bank details.


Once you click on the link it will take you to Split Payments secure website where you can choose your banking provider and log in with your banking credentials.


Once you login to your banking profile simply click on the account you wish to receive prize money in and click on "Confirm Details" button.

You will be redirected to Global Entries Online page and if the verification is successful you will see your BSB and Account number on the page. You can also check your account details any time from "Prize Money" menu from the top.


Global Entries Online or Split Payments do not hold your banking credentials in any format. You can read Split Payments Terms & Conditions here.


If you have any more questions or need any help please feel free to email us on or call us.


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