Manage Live Editing

Live Editing is very useful feature for multiple days events.

Live Editing will let the participants make changes into their entry during the show.

You can set up different validation or rules that the riders are allowed to do.

During Live Editing participant can only make changes for the future classes.

Participant can not make changes in extra charges.

To set up the Live Editing rules please navigate to the events screen and click on the Manage button.


Using the left menu, select the Customize then Live Editing option.


It will open up the Update Live Editing Information page.


If you would like to offer Live Editing click Yes and all the options from 2 to 9 will appear.


  1. Can a participant enter into class which is already full?
  2. Can user only delete rounds and not add another one during Live Editing?
  3. Can user add more rounds then his/her original registration.
  4. Can user delete a class from Arena A and register into class in Arena B. Swapping arena mean you may run out of sun light in one Arena.
  5. Can user add a rider which was not in the original registration. You may have charged Medical levy per rider and allowing to add additional rider mean they may use rider for whom medical levy has not been paid.
  6. Can user add Horse which was not in original registration. You may have charged day stay for the horses in original registration but rider can use any horse if you allow this rule.
  7. Specify the amount to charge for each change made by rider.
  8. Open the live editing during a specific time period. Riders can make changed during that time period from the day you start Live Editing till last day of the event.

No new registration is allowed during Live Editing.

Managing Draws

Any changes done during Live editing will be immediately reflected in DRAWS.

All new entries during Live Editing will have extra remark written next to the rider. e.g. Live Editing Changes.

You can always click on Re-Draw this Class for numbered draw and shuffle a completely new DRAW for the class.

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