Sell Tickets of your event

To sell tickets go to Edit event page to offer tickets under existing event or go to Create New Event page and scroll down to following section.


Click on Yes for Do you Offer Ticketing question and click on Create or update from bottom of the page.

Click on More Options for the event and click on Dashboard under Ticketing menu.


Once on Dashboard if you have tickets created you will see them in the Existing Tickets section or it will be blank.

Click on Create New Ticket like shown in the screenshot below.


You will see the form like the image below and have explained all the fields below the image as well.


  1. Dates select the date for which this ticket will be applicable for.
  2. Name of the ticket e.g. Early bird Ticket, Package 1, Stand 1 etc
  3. Fee Per Ticket amount to charge per ticket
  4. Number of Tickets to Sell maximum number of tickets to sell.
  5. All the other fields will only appear if your club offers membership and wish to offer different price for the members.

Once the form is filled up click on Create from the bottom of the page and repeat the process to create new tickets.

Ticket buying will open same time as the registration opens.

User will be sent QR coded PDF for each ticket booked in email or they can view them from My History and My Tickets section once they log in to their profile.

At the day of the Event , event organiser can use any android smartphone or iPhone with iOS 11 or higher to Scan Tickets.

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