Set up Stable or Camping Map

Global Entries Online supports interactive stable and/or camping map for you event.

It is very easy to set up interactive map for your event venue.

If you want to add maps into your already created event go to More Options and click on Edit as shown in the screenshot below or if you are setting up new event then go to next step.


Scroll down on this page and you will see the question just above the Bank Information section like in the screenshot below


Click on Yes or stabling and it will pop up with all the venue maps.

Now if your venue map is not on the list please send us the map on and we will upload it for you.

If you wish to offer Camping click on Yes for camping question and it will give you dropdown of all camping maps.

If you have temporary camping and do not have fix spot for camping you can let us know and we will upload temporary camping map.

Look at the screenshot below.


After that click on Update or Create from the bottom of the page and you have finished first step of enabling interactive maps.

Stable and Camping registration will open same time as the class registrations.

You can also set up an event for only stable or camping.

Go to next article to see how to make the stables available for users to book and to set up the stable price and bond price.

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