Offer Club Membership

Global Entries Online allows clubs to offer their membership online and accept payments online.

To Set up different memberships click on the Membership Management then Membership Types link from the side menu.membership_types_menu.png


Click on Create New Membership Type button.


A new form like the screenshot below will open.



  1. Name membership type name
  2. Description will be printed on front page for the user to see. You can write about the membership here.
  3. Year Type is to set your membership year which could be financial year, Jan-Dec or if you click on other you can set up from May-Apr etc.
  4. Family Membership if set us user can add dependents under his/her membership and all the dependents will get membership benefits.
  5. Publish if set us user can see this membership on the front end to pay for.
  6. Fees Details first option will the year type you chose and in Individual Fee please specify the amount for the Year Type. If you wish to offer different price for someone joining from half year or for only few months you can specify that as well.
  7. If you would like to ask any question to the members type in here. For e.g. Specify emergency contact etc.
  8. Is it compulsory for all the members to answer the question or not.
  9. Click on Add More Questions if you would like to ask more questions to members.
  10. Email On Success Type in your welcome message here which you wish to send all members who join your club.
  11. Upload any other important document you wish to attach with the welcome email.

After filling up the form click on Create Membership Type and the Membership will be created for you.


Joining the membership will be instantly available for the rider to pay for and become member.

If you have any question please email us on

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