Set up Price for Stable and Camping

Once you have set up the Stabling and Camping from event page you will now have to make them available for the users to book. All the stable and camping sites will be reserved by default.


Once you know that how many stable and camping sites are available to you for the event go to the Event and click on More Options. From the sidebar menu click on Stable/Yards dropdown and click on Dashboard first to make stables available. See the screenshot below.


By default all the Stable and Camping sites will be reserved like the screenshot below.


To make the stables available follow the steps given below.


  1. If you have all the stables available for booking from the venue you can click on Select All button and it will select all the stables. If you only have some of the stables available for booking click on them individually one by one and go to next step.
  2. click on Mark Available button and it will make the selected stable available for users to book when the entries open.
  3. If you wish to change the category or assign some of the stables as Tack Room please click on the stables individually and click on the appropriate category.

See the screenshot below.


Follow the same steps to make the Campings available or change the category.

It is necessary to change the category first before setting up the price for each category.

Once you have make the stables available for booking please go to Customize Venue page to set up prices. see the screenshot below.


From that page you will see the fields on the right side to fill up. See the screenshot below.



  1. Stable Minimum Night Stay is if you would like to force users to select minimum stay.
  2. Special Notes:- write any special notes for the users to see. For e.g. Check in time. Bond policy etc.
  3. For each category of stable corresponding field will appear to specify price for that category stable Per Day.
  4. For all the categories except Tack-Room you may choose to charge bond or not. Leave 0 if you do not want to charge bond.
  5. Shavings:- Add shavings price to charge if user wishes to buy.

If you also offer Camping similar form will be attached to the page and fill it up before entries open.

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