Setting up Templates for Extra Charges, Questions & Sponsors

The Templates menu allows you to store regularly used components of your Event setup, like Questions that you often need Competitors to respond to when registering & Extra Charges that you offer on a regular basis. So instead of creating the same set of components each time you create a new Event you can create them once as a Template and then choose to use them or not when setting up each of your Events.

Additionally, many Clubs and Organisations have Sponsors that they regularly use, these can also be setup once and then used, or not, for future Events.


Extra Charges 

To setup Extra Charges select Extra Charges from the Templates menu.


This will open the Manage Extra Charges screen as seen below.

Setting up an Extra Charges Template is identical to setting of regular Extra Charges for a single Event.


Extra Charges are essentially categories. Each category has one or more Sub Charges. For example there may be a Extra Charge category called “Stabling”. Stabling may then have a number of Sub Charges like “Stable Rental”, “Feed”, “Blankets” etc. Each of these Sub Charges can have an actual cost assigned against them.

To create an Extra Charge category click on Create an Extra Charge.


In the screen that appears complete all the fields as follows:

1. Enter a Name for the Extra Charges category.

2. Choose if the category of Extra Charges are mandatory for each Competitor. 

Click Create Extra Charge button


The newly created Extra Charge category will appear in the Manage Extra Charges screen, as shown below:


In order to edit the extra charge, click on the Edit button.


Update the details and once ready click on the Update Extra Charge button.


In order to delete an extra charge, click on the delete button and then confirm in the popup.



To create sub charges, click on the Sub Charges button.


You will be directed to the sub charges screen of the extra charge you chose.


To create a new sub charge, click on the Create New Sub Charge button.


The Create a Sub Charge screen will open.


Complete the following fields:

  1. Name of Sub Charge
  2. Specify if the Sub Charge is per Horse
  3. Specify if the Sub Charge is per Class
  4. Specify if the Sub Charge is per Round
  5. Specify if the Sub Charge is per Rider
  6. Set the Maximum Limit per day. The maximum limit is related to the number of spaces or positions available for this Sub Charge. For example, the number of stables available for each day the Event runs. It is a quantity, not a dollar amount and must be set greater then 0.
  7. Specify a cost per day for the Sub Charge. The system automatically includes the day before and the day after your event to allow for arrivals before the event day(s) and departures after the event day(s).

Once completed, click on the Create Sub Charge button.

The new Sub Charge will appear in the Manage Sub Charges screen as shown below:


Each Sub Charge has the following options available to it:

  • Clicking on the Edit button allows you to edit the Sub Charge
  • Clicking on the Delete button will delete the Sub Charge

Repeat this process to add more Sub Charges as required.



To set up Questions Templates select Templates Managements then Questions Template from the side menu.


You will be directed to the event question template screen.


To create a new questions template, click on the Create Questions Template button.


Choose a name for the template and click on the Create Question Template button.


Click on the Manage Section button to start filling questions to the template


The questions section list screen will appear. Click on the Create Question Section button to create the section that will hold all questions on a subject.


Questions are broken down into Sections or Categories. Each Section has a Name

Introduction Text and End Text.

To begin we must create a Section. Complete the following fields:

    1. Name
    2. Introduction text (if required)
    3. End text (if required)
    4. Specify if the Question is Active (visible to Competitors) or not
    5. Specify if ask this questions in Class Registrations.
    6. Specify if ask this question in Ticket Bookings.

Once all the required fields are complete, press Create.


The newly created Section will appear in the Question Section List as shown below.


Select Create Question to create your first question for this Section.


The New Question screen will open, as shown below.


Complete all of the fields as follows:

  1. Enter your Question as it will appear to Competitors into this box.
  2. Select a Question Type. This is the method that Competitors use to respond:

a. Radio: displays a selection of Radio Boxes of which the Competitor can select only one response.



b. Checkbox:  displays a selection of Checkboxes of which the Competitor can select multiple responses


c. Select: displays a Drop Down menu of responses of which the Competitor can select only one


d. Text: displays a field for the Competitor to enter a brief answer - eg a single word response


e. Text area: displays a large text entry box for the Competitor to provide a detailed response


        3. Question Options is only applicable to Radio, Checkbox or Select options and is where you enter the response options available to Competitors. For example:

Name and Value fields must match.

Each row is a response option.


          4. Choose whether the question requires a response from the Competitor to complete their entry - i.e is the question mandatory.

Hit Create Question when finished.


The new question will appear in the Manage Questions screen, shown below.


To enter more questions, select the Create Question button.

To edit the question, click on the Edit button.


To delete the question, click on the Delete button and confirm deletion in the popup.


Sections can also be edited & deleted in a similar fashion.


Visit the link How to Create Sponsors for information about Sponsors list


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