Searching Competitors

The Search Competitors feature allows you to edit the details of any Competitor who has previously registered for an Event run by your Club or Organisation.


To access the Search Competitors function select Search Competitors from the 

Members / Competitors menu.


This will open the Search Competitors screen.


Each Competitor who has previously participated in one of your Events will be listed in the panel along with their Login Name, Account ID & Date Joined.


To search for a specific Competitor enter their Login Name, First Name, Last Name or Email Address into the search fields provided.


To further refine the search you can select to only search for Competitors who are Active, Inactive or Banned. Please note that only Global Entries Online Administration can change the Status of a User.


Additionally, you can select to search only Competitors who registered themselves or Competitors who were registered by the Event Organiser.


Once you have located the Competitor(s) you are searching for you can do the following functions:


  • To Edit their User Account details select Edit
  • To email the Competitor select the    button.


The Date Fields at the top of the screen allow you to Export a Spreadsheet of Competitors who registered in an Event you organised between a specific set of dates.


To utilise this function:

  1. Enter a Day, Month & Year in the From fields
  2. 1. Enter a Day, Month & Year in the To fields
  3. Select Export Competitors

The spreadsheet that is generated contains Competitor names and Login Names and can assist in target mailouts and promotions for upcoming Events.

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