Sending a Bulk Email to your Competitors

Global Entries Online provides you with the ability to bulk send emails to your Competitors.

To access this function select Email Members from the Members / Competitors menu. 


This will open the Email Management screen, as shown below:

To create a new email select New Email.


The New Email screen will open.


To compose an email complete the following fields:

  1. add a subject for the email into the Email Subject field
  2. insert a Sender Email Address that the emails will be SENT from
  3. add a Sender Name
  4. Write the body of the email into the text box
  5. Attach and required files

Select Create when completed

Each email has the following options:


  • the Edit button allows you to edit the content, subject & attachments of your email
  • View HTML opens a popup window giving you a preview of what the email will look like
  • View Text opens a popup window giving you a text only preview of what the email will look like on non HTML enabled email clients
  • the Test button opens up the Test Email window where you can enter a single email address to send the email to as a Test before bulk sending it
  • the Send button proceeds to the Send Email screen
  • X deletes the email


Before we can send an email we need to build the User Searches. This is the list of Competitors who we want to send the email to.

Select the User Searches button.

This opens the User Searches screen.


Select Create a New Search

This will open the New User Search screen,


Complete the fields as follows:

  1. If you wish to email a range of Competitors who attended your Events between a set of dates then enter the Start Date here
  2. Enter the End Date
  3. If you wish to email Competitors who registered for a particular Event then select the Event(s)

Select Create


In the User Search Summary screen that appears enter a Name for the User Search you just made. By saving the User Search it can be used again in the future without having to recreate it.

Press Save, followed by Return


You will now be returned to the User Searches screen, and your newly made User Search will now be  present. It can be Edited, Previewed or Deleted from here. 

Now we must return to the Email Management screen by selecting Email Members from the Members / Competitors menu.

This will bring us back to the Email Management screen, as shown below:


Press the Send button against the email you wish to send.

This will open the Send Email screen, as shown below:


You must now locate the User Search you previously created and press its Select button followed by Next.


In the Confirmation screen that appears, confirm that you have the correct Email and User Searches selected.

Press the Next button


Now select if you want the email sent now or at a particular time and date.

Press the Next button


If you select to send your email at a particular time you can now choose the date and time. Complete the fields as follows:

  1. Enter the Date when you want the email sent
  2. Enter the Time when you want the email sent

Select the Next button

You will now be shown an Email Summary.


Press Send this email to complete the process. 

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