Viewing Current Registration & Competitor Payments

The Registrations screen allows you to view every Registration that has been made in your Event. You can view the details of each Competitor, update their Registration & Payment, Refund them or Delete them.  

To access the Registration screen select Registrations.

The Registration Screen shows the following information:

  • Competitor Name and Registration Reference Number
  • If the Competitor entered as part of a Group (i.e multiple users registering and paying together - not a Group with a Group Code)
  • Time and Date of Registration
  • Classes entered
  • Extra Charges 
  • Comments and Updates to the Registration
  • Money Paid or Owing

A - Example of Comment added when Update Payment is used

B - Example of Notes and Comments added when Update Registration is used

C - Extra Charges are itemized

D - Numbers in Red indicate that he Competitor owes money on their Registration

E - Numbers in Green indicate that the Competitor has overpaid or their Registration has been

      altered reducing their total. In this circumstance the Refund Owing Payment button becomes



Each Registration has the following options available to it:

  • Update Registration: This will open a popup window showing the Competitor’s Registration as they would see it. The Registration can be altered by the Event Organiser and Comments added for future reference.
  • Update Payment: The Update Payment button opens a popup window (shown below) that allows the Competitor’s payment to be adjusted and Comments added for future reference.

  • Refund and Delete Full Registration: See Chapter 15 - Refunding Competitors
  • Discount Refund: See Chapter 15 - Refunding Competitors
  • Refund Owing Payment (if applicable): See Chapter 15 - Refunding Competitors
  • View Comments: Opens a popup window that displays any Comments attached to the Registration. These Comments can also be found in the Time Registered column.
  • Delete (X): Deletes the Competitor’s Registration from the Event

Specific Competitors can be searched for using the Search function at the top of the screen. Search results can be filtered by Deleted (by Organiser), Deleted by User (Competitor) and Refunded.

The DPS Payment Summary button opens the Payment Summary screen (see Chapter 16 - Event Organiser Payment Summary for further details)


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