Registering a Competitor

It is possible for an Organiser to register Competitors for their Event - if for example the Competitor does not have access to a computer or the internet.

This can be done by selecting the Enter User button as shown below:


This will open up the screen with sidebar and click on Enter User menu from left side bar and it will open a screen like below:


You must complete AT LEAST the following fields to Register the Competitor:

  1. Enter the Competitor’s First Name
  2. Enter the Competitor’s Last Name
  3. Enter the Name of the Horse they will be riding
  4. Specify if the Horse is a Stallion or not

Press Create, you will then be taken to the ‘typical’ Entry panels for your Event where you will need to complete all of the information normally entered by the Competitor including:

  • Answering all mandatory Questions
  • Selecting Classes
  • Adding Extra Charges

You must then complete the financial transaction for the Entry to be finalised. 

If the Competitor has multiple horses that need to be entered in the Event you will need to search for that Competitor via Search Competitors and go to Manage Horses.


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