Managing Extra Charges

Many Events offer additional services to Competitors like Transport, Stabling, Feed etc. These additional services often entail an extra charge to Competitors. These Extra Charges can be configured in the system so that Competitors can purchase them at the same time as registering for the Event.

To setup Extra Charges, navigate to the events screen and click on the Manage button.


Using the left menu, select the Extra Charges option.



This will open the Extra Charges List screen as seen below.


Extra Charges are essentially categories. Each category has one or more Sub Charges. For example there may be a Extra Charge category called “Stabling”. Stabling may then have a number of Sub Charges like “Stable Rental”, “Feed”, “Blankets” etc. Each of these Sub Charges can have an actual cost assigned against them.

To create an Extra Charge category click on Create New Extra Charge.


In the screen that appears complete all the fields as follows:

1. Enter a Name for the Extra Charges category.

2. Choose if the category of Extra Charges are mandatory for each Competitor. 

Click Create Extra Charge


The Extra Charge category will appear in the Extra Charges List screen, as shown below:


Each Extra Charge category has the following options available to it:

  • clicking on Sub Charges will take you to the Sub Charges panel for that category
  • selecting Edit allows you to edit the category
  • selecting the Delete button will delete that category

To proceed, click on Sub Charges.


This opens the Manage Sub Charges screen. Click on Create New Sub Charge.


The Create New Sub Charge screen will open.


Complete the following fields:

  1. Name of Sub Charge
  2. Specify if the Sub Charge is per Registration or say once per registration.
  3. Specify if the Sub Charge is per Class.
  4. Specify if the Sub Charge is per Rider.
  5. Specify if the Sub Charge is per Horse.
  6. Specify if charge user for each Horse entered into competition regardless of the days each Horse is competing on.
  7. Specify if charge user for each Horse only on competing days only.
  8. Specify if the Sub Charge is per Round.
  9. Set the Maximum Limit per day. The maximum limit is related to the number of spaces or positions available for this Sub Charge. For example, the number of stables available for each day the Event runs. It is a quantity, not a dollar amount and must be set greater then 0.
  10. Specify a cost per day for the Sub Charge. The system automatically includes the day before and the day after your event to allow for arrivals before the event day(s) and departures after the event day(s).

Click on Create Sub Charge once all fields are complete.


The new Sub Charge will appear in the Manage Sub Charges screen as shown below:


Each Sub Charge has the following options available to it:

  • selecting Edit allows you to edit the Sub Charge
  • selecting the Delete button will delete the Sub Charge

Repeat this process to add more Sub Charges as required.


Click Extra Charge List to go back to the Manage Extra Charges screen to add additional Extra Charges categories.

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