Adding Pages to your Event

When you create your Event you are provided with a small text field in which to enter a description of the Event. This is often not enough space to include more significant information, or provide downloads for your Competitors etc. This is where using Pages can be helpful.

A Page is basically a large Text box that also provides more extensive formatting options as well as the ability to insert image, links to websites or documents that can be downloaded by Competitors. Competitors can find your Pages displayed under the Important Information tab in the Event Details.

To do this, go to the Event Administration Screen and select Pages from the More Options menu. 

The Event Page Management screen will open, as shown below:

Click on Create a New Page

This will open the Create Event Page screen.

Complete all of the fields as follows:

  1. Enter the Page Name
  2. Enter the text that you want to appear on that Page.

Press Create when done.


Your newly created Page will now be displayed in the Existing Pages panel.

To see a Preview of your Page click on the Page’s ID (displayed in green).


Each Page can have a number of Sub-Pages. To Create a Sub-Page of the existing Page click on the page symbol:    displayed in the Sub-Pages column. Then repeat the Page creation process.


Each Page (or Sub-Page) has the following options available to it:

  • selecting Publish will make the Page visible to Competitors
  • selecting Edit allows you to edit the Page
  • selecting Move will allow you to move the Page upwards or downwards in the Page hierarchy - for example a Page could be moved ‘downwards’ to become a Sub-Page and a Sub-Page could be moved ‘upwards’ to become a Page.
  • the Lang feature will automatically clone the Page so that it can be translated into another language if required 
  • / \ & \ / will reorder the Pages
  • selecting the X button will delete that Page



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