Setting up Questions

The next step in setting up your Event is to add any Questions that Competitors need to answer when they register. 

To add questions, click on the Manage button for the event you wish to add questions to


Then from the sidebar menu click on Questions like the screenshots below.


Click on the Create Question Section button.


Fill up the forms on the right side of the page. Like the screenshot below.


Questions are broken down into Sections or Categories. Each Section has a NameIntroduction Text and End Text.

To begin we must create a Section. Complete the following fields:

    1. Name
    2. Introduction text (if required)
    3. End text (if required)
    4. Specify if ask this questions is Active in Class Registrations.
    5. Specify if ask this question is Active in Ticket Bookings.

Once all the required fields are complete, press Create Questions Section.

The newly created Section will appear in the Question Sections List as shown below.


Select Crate Question to create your first question for this Section.

The New Question screen will open, as shown below:


Complete all of the fields as follows:

      1. Enter your Question as it will appear to Competitors into this box.
      2. Select a Question Type. This is the method that Competitors use to respond:

a. Radio: displays a selection of Radio Boxes of which the Competitor can select only one response.



b. Checkbox:  displays a selection of Checkboxes of which the Competitor can select multiple responses


c. Select: displays a Drop Down menu of responses of which the Competitor can select only one


d. Text: displays a field for the Competitor to enter a brief answer - eg a single word response


e. Text area: displays a large text entry box for the Competitor to provide a detailed response


                   3. Question Options is only applicable to Radio, Checkbox or Select options and is where you enter the response options available to Competitors. For example:

Name and Value must match.

Each row is a response option.

                  4. Choose whether the question requires a response from the Competitor to complete their entry - i.e   is the question mandatory

Hit Create Question when finished.


The new question will appear in the Manage Questions screen, shown below.


To enter more questions, select the New Question button.

You can edit a question by clicking on the Edit button. 


You can delete a question by clicking on the Delete button and then confirming in the popup the deletion.


Sections can also be edited & deleted in a similar fashion.


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