Creating your Organisers Account

Each User of Global Entries Online, whether they are an Organiser or a Competitor, must have an account.

To create your account, on the Home screen of the website under Organisers, click on Sign Up.


This will take you to the Account Details screen. This is where you enter your Account Information as well as your Club or Organisation details - not the details about your specific Event.


Enter your Club or Organisation details as follows:

  1. Create a Login Name that you will use to access Global Entries Online
  2. Create a Password
  3. Enter your First Name & Last Name
  4. Enter your Date of Birth
  5. Enter your Phone Number & Mobile Number
  6. Enter your Email Address
  7. Enter your Address

Then proceed further down the screen to enter the details about your Club or Organisation.


Enter your Club or Organisation details as follows:

  1. Select your Sport Event Type from the drop-down list eg. Dressage 
  2. Enter the Name of your Club or Organisation
  3. Enter the Phone & Fax Numbers for you Club or Organisation
  4. Enter the Location and Street Address details
  5. Specify if your Club or Organisation is Registered for GST - and include an ABN if applicable
  6. Specify if you are a Sporting Club with Members
  7. Specify if you would like to use Global Entries Online to manage your Club Membership

Continue down the screen.


Enter your bank account details so that Global Entries Online can deposit Competitor Registration fees and Extra Charges into your bank account.


Here you can upload an image file of your Club or Organisation Logo along with a written Description. The logo and description will be used on our Events and Clubs listing pages. 

Continue down the screen.


The text box above is where you can enter any specific Terms of your Club relevant to the Competitors.

Finally, you must accept the Terms and Conditions of using Global Entries Online and select Join.


These details can be edited at any time by selecting Edit Club Details from the Settings menu once you have logged in.


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