Viewing and Editing your Registration

Your active Registrations can be accessed at any time by selecting My Events from My History dropdown menu, as shown below:


This will open the My Events screen which shows a complete listing of every Event and Class that you have currently registered for, as seen below:


The Paid or Unpaid status of each Class is shown along with the Horse and Rider entered.

  • selecting Edit will open a popup window showing your original entry. You can then make and pay for any changes to your Registration or Extra Charges.
  • selecting Delete will delete your Entry in that Event.

Note that you can only Edit your Registration before Entries Close.  


Downloading The Draw

If an Organiser posts The Draw on Global Entries it will be available after entries close in the following locations:

next to the calendar on the Event screen:


or under the Event Details section of the Club:

Please be aware that some Organisers do not post The Draw online. You should contact them for more details if you cannot locate it.


Downloading Results

Following an Event, some Organisers will post the Results onto Global Entries Online.

These can be found under the Event Details section of the Club, as shown below:


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