Registering for an Event

When you have located the Event you wish to enter you need to select Enter This Event.


This will take you to the Registration screen:

This screen is similar to the Event Details page and includes all of the relevant information about the Event. Continue down the screen.

If you are a Member of the Club running the Event you can now enter you Membership Number, as seen below.

The following part of the Registration contains any pertinent questions that the Event Organiser has created to capture information about the Competitors

The questions come in a variety of forms at the discretion of the Organiser and some may be mandatory for you to complete the Registration.


Beneath the Questions section are the individual Classes that can be registered for, as seen below:


The Classes are broken down by Date and Arena.

Locate the Class you wish to enter and in the drop down box under Rounds select the number of Rounds you would like to participate in.

This will then give you the option to select which Horse(s) and Rider(s) you wish to Register in that Class, see below:


Note that the number of drop down boxes that appear relate to the number of Rounds selected. If you wish to register other people as Riders, ensure that they have been setup in your User Account first 

(see Managing Horses & Riders for further information)


From here you can proceed further down the screen to the Extra Charges section, as show below:


Extra Charges are at the discretion of the Event Organiser and must be paid for with the Event Registration. They can include levies, fees for camping, stabling, accommodation etc.

Finally, the total amount for the Registration and Extra Charges is displayed.


The Entry must be paid for via Credit Card and many Organisers stipulate that payment is due within 40 minutes of the Registration being completed otherwise the system will automatically discard the Entry.

When you are sure that your Entry is complete, click on Submit.

The Payment Screen provides you with a summary of the transaction and fields to enter your Credit Card details and selecting Submit, as shown below:


If you have registered for any other event before and allowed us to save your credit card details with encryption then you can click on Use Existing Card option so that you do not have to type your same credit card details again and again.

Your Entry is now complete. Global Entries Online will send you a Registration Confirmation email that is also a Tax Invoice.

You can also download your Tax Invoice from My History page from Invoice section like the screenshot below.


Until the entries are open you will see Edit and Delete button on this page and you can either Edit or Delete your entry if the entries are open.

If you wish to Delete your entry after entries are closed you can contact the event organiser directly and request them.

If you Delete your entry you may or may not get full refund as Global Entries Online do not process refund but event organisers do according to their refund policy.

Global Entries Online do not process any refund.

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