Managing Staff

Staff Accounts for a Club or Organisation can be created to allow other people to assist in Managing an Event. These Accounts are essentially additional User logins that are tied to your Club or Organisation. 

These accounts can view the same Event specific information as the primary Organiser Account but they do not have access to the Club Details or Banking Details.

To add or edit Staff Members select Staff from the Settings menu.


This will open the Staff screen as shown below:


Here you can view, and search for, all of the current Staff Members attached to your Club or Organisation.

  • To Edit the Staff Member’s User Account select Edit
  • To email the Staff Member select the     button


The Date Fields at the top of the screen allow you to Export a Spreadsheet of Staff Members who had access to your Events between a specific set of dates.


To utilise this function:

  1. Enter a Day, Month & Year in the From fields
  2. 1. Enter a Day, Month & Year in the To fields
  3. Select Export Staff Members

The spreadsheet that is generated contains Staff Member names and Login Names.


To add a new Staff Member select Create A New Staff Member

This will open the New Staff Account screen, as seen below:


You must complete AT LEAST the following fields to create a Staff Member:

  1. Enter a Login Name for the Staff Member
  2. Enter a Password for the Staff Member
  3. Enter the Staff Member’s First Name
  4. Enter the Staff Member’s Last Name
  5. Enter the Staff Member’s Date of Birth
  6. Enter a Phone Number for the Staff Member
  7. Enter an Email Address for the Staff Member

Select Create.

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