Managing Groups

The Groups function allows an Event Organiser to generate a unique Group Code that can be given to Riding Schools, Clubs or simply large groups of Competitors who will be competing together. 

Each Group / Club / School etc has their own code for the specific Event and this code must be given to them by the Event Organiser.

When Competitors with a Group Code register individually for an Event they enter their Code into the registration form. This allows the Organiser to spot members of a specific Group and schedule them together in The Draw as well as Stable or Accommodate them together etc.


The Group function can be accessed by selecting Groups from the Settings menu.

The Manage Groups screen appears as follows:

To create a new Group:

  • enter the Name of the Group
  • select the Create button

The Group has now been created and the system has generated the unique Group Code.

The Group can be Edited or Deleted at any time.



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