Adding Images to your Event

Global Entries Online offers the ability for Organisers and Competitors to upload images from an Event which will be displayed online.

Organisers do this through the Event Administration screen and Competitors from the public side of the website.

To access the Gallery feature select Gallery from the More Options menu.

The Manage Image Gallery screen will be displayed as shown below:

Select Upload Images to begin.

In the following screen you must select Choose File, locate the image you wish to upload from your computer and enter a Description. You can repeat this process a number of times before pressing Create to return to the Manage Image Gallery screen.

Your images will now be shown in the Manage Image Gallery panel, as shown below:

Each image has the following information displayed:

  • Uploaded by Organiser or Competitor
  • If uploaded by Competitor then who that Competitor is
  • The image’s status - Active (posted in the Gallery) or Inactive (not posted)


Each image also has the following options available to it:

  • selecting Edit allows you to edit the Image’s description
  • / \ & \ / will reorder how the Images are displayed
  • selecting the X button will delete that Image
  • selecting Active / Inactive toggles whether the Image is visible in the Gallery or not


Once the Image is made Active it is displayed in the Gallery and accessible to all. Show below:

Competitors can upload their own images by selecting the Upload Your Images button.


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