Generating Spreadsheets

A huge amount of information about your Event can be exported out of Global Entries Online into spreadsheet format. This information can then be opened in Microsoft Excel or similar and manipulated.

To access the spreadsheet function select Spreadsheet from the More Options menu.


This will open the Spreadsheet screen as shown below:


Select the required Spreadsheet from the drop down menu.

You will then be presented with a series of check boxes specific to the selected Spreadsheet. These specify which fields you want displayed in the document. An example is shown below:


Select the fields required and press Download.

We offer range of different reports which you can choose from the dropdown. Below is their brief description.

  1. Registration will export all the riders details chosen by you from the give options.
  2. Extra Charges will export all the extra charges selected by each users
  3. Total Extra Charges will export the total amount paid by all the users for each extra charge
  4. Class Spreadsheet will export the riders name registered in each class by classes.
  5. Horse Details will export all registered horse information.
  6. Extra Charge Total Per Date will export total extra charge paid by date.
  7. Extra Charge Count Per Date will export total extra charge count per date.
  8. Horse Performance will export all registered horse's performance details if filled up by the rider.
  9. Payment Summary will export payment detail for each registration.
  10. Payment Breakdown will export payment summary with more detailed breakdown by class,by extra charges and payment etc
  11. Helper Duties will export all the riders who registered into helper duties classes.


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