Managing The Draw

Global Entries Online will automatically build The Draw for you as Competitors register for the Event. It also provides the means for Organisers to manually edit The Draw, post it onto the front end of Global Entries and send it via email or SMS to Competitors.

The Draw differs for Show Jumping, Dressage & Eventing to meet the needs of each type of Event.

The Draw can be accessed by selecting More Options.


 From the page click on Manage Draw from left hand side bar like the screen below.


Show Jumping


The series of buttons at the top of the screen are overarching controls for all Arenas and Classes in The Draw.

  • selecting Publish / Un-publish on Front End adds or removes the link for Competitors to  download The Draw.
  • selecting Email Users sends an email version of The Draw to every Competitor in your Event. The email will look similar to the following:

  • selecting Notify to APP users will send push notification to every user with app their personal draw directly to their mobile as follows: 

“For September Show Jumping, Class 1 you are riding at 1st, Class 2 you are riding at 4th.”

  • selecting Allocate Back Numbers adds a number for each Horse to The Draw representing the  back number worn at the Event. This is applicable to Eventing only.


The Draw is broken down under Arena and then each Class that takes place in that Arena.

A - Arena name

B - Class name, height & date

C - Rounds - including Rider & Horse

The Rounds can be reordered by drag and drop.

Each Class has the following options available to it:


  • selecting Judges Score Sheet automatically generates & downloads the Scoring Sheet for that Class in PDF format
  • selecting  Download Draw downloads The Draw for that Class in spreadsheet format. This can be manipulated in Microsoft Excel or a similar program.
  • Send to Jump Score & Send to JJD App will send the draws to the scoring system directly.
  • selecting Publish on front end places a link where Competitors can download The Draw. This can only be done after Entries Close. The Draw can be downloaded from the Club’s page:


   and from the Event Calendar:




The Dressage Draw is very similar to to The Draw for Show Jumping except that it allocates times against each Test.



A start time for each day is set and the Tests will be scheduled in increments based on the Test Duration time set for each Class (see Chapter 7 - Setting up Classes for further information). 

The system automatically highlights in red riders who are competing in multiple test within 30 minutes ,yellow Riders who are competing in multiple Tests within 30 to 40 minutes (potentially not giving them an adequate break between Tests). Conversely, Riders highlighted in dark blue have been scheduled with at least 3 hours between Tests.

  • Selecting Split Class for a particular Test will break the Class before that Test. The length of break can be specified as shown above.
  • Selecting Insert a Break for a particular Test opens the following popup:

  1. Enter the Break Duration
  2. Select Update

In Dressage you can also see a tentative calculation of how much time and number of Arena required to finish the whole event in give hours.

Click on the link from Manage Draw page and you can specify in how many hours you want the event to finish and system will calculate required number of Arena. We assume that according to the test duration for each class and number of riders competing in each class. It does not take breaks into accounts.

Screen_Shot_2018-01-24_at_3.20.33_pm.png Screen_Shot_2018-01-24_at_3.25.56_pm.png

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