Setting up Classes

The next step in setting up your Event is to create Classes. To do this, go to the Event Administration Screen and select Classes from the More Options menu.

The Manage Classes screen opens.

The Manage Classes screen shows a list of all of the Classes that have been created for your Event and information about each Class, including: 

  • Arena
  • Height
  • Grade 
  • Entry Fee 
  • Number of people allowed 

To create a new Class select New Class.

The New Class screen will now open, as shown below:

Enter the Class details as follows:  

1. Select the relevant Date that the Class will run from the drop down menu

  1. Enter the Name of the Class.
  2. Select the Arena where the Class will take place from the drop-down menu.
  3. Enter the Fee Per Entry for each Rider in the Class. This number is GST inclusive. If you are a Club you will also see additional Fee Per Entry fields for each of your MembershipTypes.
  4. Enter the Minimum Height of the Jumps in the Class 
  5. Enter the Maximum Height of the Jumps in the Class
  6. Enter the maximum Number of People Allowed to enter the Class
  7. Enter the Grade or Prize Money (in dollars) applicable to the Class (Show Jumping Events only)
  8. Enter the Name of the Course Designer (Show Jumping Events only)
  9. Enter the Name of the Judge of the Class (Show Jumping Events only)
  10. Enter the Duration of each Competitor’s Test (Dressage Events only)

Select Create when you have entered information in all of the required fields.

The newly created Class will now appear on the Manage Classes screen under Existing Classes, as shown below:

To create additional Classes repeat the same process. 

Each Class has a variety of options available to it. These are accessed using the buttons on the right hands side of the row. As show below:

  • selecting Edit allows you to edit the Class information (Name, Heights, No. of People etc)
  • selecting Draw will automatically download a copy of the Draw for that Class.
  • / \ & \ / will move the Class higher or lower in the list
  • selecting Winners will take you to the Class Winners screen. (see below)
  • selecting Results will give you the option to upload a PDF file with the Results for that Class after the Event has occurred. The results can then be access by Competitors.
  • selecting Gallery allows you to upload photos of the Class that were taken on the day. These images can be viewed by Competitors.
  • pressing the X button will delete that Class


Class Winners Screen

The Class Winners screen gives you the ability to enter information regarding the Competitors who came in the top six or less positions in each Class.

This information can be kept on the system as a record for your organisation or can also be published so that it can be viewed by your Competitors after the event. 


Download a PDF of this User Guide

Download the entire Organiser’s User Guide


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