Setting up Arenas

Setting up Arenas (or Venues) is a task that is not specific to an Event as they tend not to change from Event to Event. As a result they can be found in the Settings menu under Arenas.


This will open the Manage Arenas screen. 

From here you can immediately start creating Arenas.


Enter the Arena details as follows:

  1. Enter a Name for the Arena
  2. Enter the Length (in metres) of the Arena
  3. Enter the Breadth (in metres) of the Arena
  4. Select the Ground Type - Grass or Sand
  5. Select the Enclosure Type - Indoor or Outdoor

Select Create when you are complete.

The Arena will now be added to the Manage Arenas panel.


The following options are available to each Arena via the table: 

  • selecting Edit will allow you to edit the Arena’s details
  • / \ & \ / will move the Arena higher or lower in the list
  • pressing the X button will delete that Arena


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