Setting up Arenas

Setting up Arenas (or Venues) is a task that is not specific to an Event as they tend not to change from Event to Event. As a result they can be found on the left side bar Arenas.arena_menu.png

This will open the Arena Management screen. 


To create a new arena, click on the Create New Arena button.


You will be directed to the Create New Arena page.


Enter the Arena details as follows:

  1. Enter a Name for the Arena
  2. Enter the Length (in meters) of the Arena
  3. Enter the Breadth (in meters) of the Arena
  4. Select the Ground Type - Grass or Sand
  5. Select the Enclosure Type - Indoor or Outdoor

Select Create Arena when you are complete.

The Arena will now be added to the Arena Management panel.


You can edit an existing arena by clicking on the Edit button.


You can delete an arena by clicking on the Delete button, and then confirming delete in the popup.


Change the order of arenas by first clicking on the Change Arena Order button.


You will be redirected to a new screen that shows a list of available arenas, click and drag arenas to reorder as needed.



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