Adding / Editing the Event Details


Enter the Event details as follows:

Select your Sport Type from the drop-down list.

You can start typing the event type to filter the list of available sport types.event_create_part-1.png


Enter the Name of your event and decide if you are planning to charge commission from competitors.


You must then set the key dates for your event. Enter the Start Date and End Date of your event.


For your convenience, a calendar view is available to choose from.


Choose the date that the early entries start, the date that the entries start and end, and the dates of the event itself. Be sure to adjust the start time and end time as well.

Next, provide details on the the Location of the event.


Provide additional information on your event, including if you wish to offer ticketing, how to charge the participants, and if you offer stabling or camping.


If you choose to offer ticketing, new options will appear, to help you determine if you want to display tickets to sell, and if you want to show remaining tickets.


Select Yes to Stabling or Camping if you wish to use an interactive venue map for booking, or no if you are selling Stable or Camp via Extra Charges.

If you offer stabling, then you can choose from various stable layouts, and decide what is the template for the extra stabling charges.


If you would like to sell Stables but the venue map is not in the drop-down please send us an email on with venue map and we will add the map for you.


If you offer camping, select yes and then choose the camping layout from the list.

If you would like to sell Camps but the venue map is not in the drop-down please send us an email on with venue map and we will add the map for you.

If selected the Include Sponsors feature will include the written information and logos / images relating to your Sponsors to the Event Details.


Choose from the event templates what questions you want the participants to see.


Once completed, click on the Create New Event button.


If there are errors, you will remain on the same page with your details saved, and a red error will appear at the top of the page indicating what errors you need to fix. Error Example,


Your newly created event will now appear in the Manage Events menu.


Now that the Event was created, edit the event details form by clicking on the manage button. 


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