Adding / Editing the Event Details


Enter the Event details as follows:

  1. Select your Sport Type from the drop-down list
  2. Enter the Name of your event
  3. Type in the Location of the event
  4. Complete the Address fields for the location of the event 

You must then set the key dates for your event. 

Enter the Start Date and End Date of your event - a small calendar will appear to assist you in locating the dates.


Once the dates have been entered press Set.

A series if Start Time and End Time fields will become available for each day that your event will operate.


Enter the using HH:MM in 24 hour time  

i.e. 6pm = 18:00.

Now complete the remaining details for your event.

These are:

Early Entries Open Date and Time

Entries Open Date and Entries Close Date and their Times

The system also provides you with the Early Entry Code specific to the Event. This code should be given to all Competitors who you wish to offer Early Entry to. 

They must enter it when they register for the event.

The Payment details for the account where all entry money will be deposited will be drawn automatically from your User Account and cannot be changed here for security reasons.


At this point you must also select whether your Organisation is registered for GST or not.

The Empty The Existing Draw option will only be available once Entries have opened. The system automatically adds Riders to The Draw as they enter but does not remove them if a Rider scratches or changes Classes etc. 

Selecting this option rebuilds The Draw removing all redundant information.

Display Time In Score Sheet will only be present if you have selected Dressage as your sport type. This option will display the daily Start Time in The Draw.


If you would like to sell Tickets service please tick yes like screen below.

If you would like to sell Stables please tick yes like screen below and select the Stable Layout from dropdown on right.

If you would like to sell Camping please tick yes like screen below and select the Camping Layout from dropdown on right.


If you would like to sell Stables but the venue map is not in the dropdown please send us an email on with venue map and we will add the map for you.


If selected the Include Sponsors feature will include the written information and logos / images relating to your Sponsors to the Event Details, visible to the Competitors as per the image below:


The Sponsors can be setup as part of your User Account and used for any Event that you create on the system (see Setting up Templates for Extra Charges, Questions & Sponsors for further details).


The next step is to enter a description of your event that will be viewed by your Competitors. Once complete, press the Create button.


Your newly created event will now appear in the Manage Events panel:


Now that the Event has been created, if you need to edit any of the details you can access them anytime from the Event Administration Screen by selecting the More Options button for that specific Event. It will open a new page like below screen. On the left hand side you can see all the options to create classes,extra charges,view registrations,payment summary etc.



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